1 in 2 people in the US suffers from chronic health conditions
 75% suffer from digestive problems.  

As for now, modern conventional medicine does not have a solution to heal chronic diseases.

Medications are used to treat symptoms while failing to treat the root cause.


According to WHO; “Chronic diseases can be prevented by maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
Most of the common health conditions we got to know in the last century have all been associated with a poor diet, a sedentary lifestyle, and stress.
Misleading information on nutrition and wellness is the foundation of most of our health problems.

So could we reverse them as well?
Matan Hakimi is a wellness coach and author of the book ‘Gut Rules’.

Matan spent the better half of a decade investigating the connection between our nutrition & lifestyle and the development of chronic health conditions, such as digestive problems, skin conditions, obesity, fatigue, and more.
Matan has worked along with Dr. Mar Cortes and the team of Mount Sinai’s rehabilitation center in NYC.

Matan’s ways have been helping people improve their health and overcome chronic health conditions ever since.
 Matan, author of the book “Gut Rules”, shares his unique science-based methods and tools which only personal experience can teach, on how to create optimal healing conditions in the body.
“So no one has to go through what he went through”.

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