At only 20 years old, Matan Hakimi was diagnosed with a chronic digestive disease, affecting his physical and mental health. According to his doctors, the condition was incurable… or so they thought. 
After the countless medications prescribed to him only made him feel weaker, Matan went looking for different treatments and information from other worlds of medical practice, trying everything from natural medicine to extreme restriction approaches, until something clicked. 
To his doctors’ surprise and after 10 years of living with a health condition, Matan naturally cured himself.
Matan spent the better half of a decade reading thousands of scientific papers, studies, and books; he has conducted self-experiments; and developed a long list of new habits. The knowledge he acquired was key to his recovery. 
Today, Matan helps people reverse health conditions by teaching the art of self- healing. Matan acts as a coach, helping people create behavioral change that leads to better health.
 Matan, author of the book “Gut Rules”, shares his unique science-based methods, which only personal experience can teach, about how to optimally prepare the body for self-healing.
Matan’s determination to inspire, and teach others to prevent and reverse disease by sharing his story and knowledge has already touched thousands of people and he is determined to change the mindset surrounding our modern health problems.


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