I am Matan. I am a welness advisor and author of the book Gut Rules.

As a young photojournalist in the Middle East, I was diagnosed with a chronic digestive disease (Ulcerative Colitis). 

Determined to heal my “incurable” condition, I spent the better half of the last decade trying to understand the reason I became sick and why is it we develop a disease.  I read thousands of studies, and medical reviews on nutrition, medicine, and the functionality of the human body.


I collaborated and studied with practitioners from a wide range of medical practices, among them was Mar Cortes M.D. from Mount Sinai rehabilitation center in NYC, who became the co-author of my first book -- Gut Rules. 

My investigation led me to understand the chain of lifestyle events that lead me to develop a disease. And more importantly, understand how to allow optimal conditions in my body so it could heal itself.

To the surprise of my doctors, I was able to completely reverse my condition. 

They think it is a miracle. 

Today I teach others the tools to reverse disease and self-heal.