Matan Hakimi is an author and a health coach. 

As a young photojournalist in the middle east Matan was diagnosed with a chronic digestive disease (Ulcerative Colitis). 

Determined to heal his “incurable” condition, Matan has spent the last decade trying to understand the reason he became sick to begin with and how to heal by reading thousands of reviews and collaborating with medical practitioners from a wide board of medical practices. among them were Mar Cortes M.D. from Mount Sinai rehabilitation center in NYC. which became the co-author of his first book - Gut Rules. 

To the surprise of his doctors, Matan was able to completely reverse his condition. 

It was no accident. 

Matan’s investigation led him to understand the chain of lifestyle events that lead him to the development of disease in his body. With this information, he was able to rebuild his immune system and reverse the disease.

Today Matan is teaching others the tools to reverse chronic disease through his workshops, talks and online consultations.